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Download the Liberian Visa application

For information on how to fill-out a visa application and for visa fees please see the attached application form.

No personal checks, credit cards or cash are accepted. All money orders, Bank Drafts or Cashiers Cheques should be made payable to the Liberian Consulate GA.

Same day Rush is $75 and Next Day Rush is $50.

If you’re mailing your documents, they should be mailed either via United States Postal Services (USPS)  prepaid self-stamped addressed envelop with tracking number(EXPRESS MAIL) or FedEx. All documents MUST have tracking number. WE DO NOT ACCEPT UPS MAIL.

Send all documents and fees to our mailing address or bring them to the Consulate Office (by appointment only).

Mailing Address:

Cynthia Lynn Blandford 
Honorary Consul General
Republic of Liberia
Consulate for the State of Georgia
225 Peachtree Street N.E., Suite 515
Peachtree Center   – South Tower
Atlanta, GA  30303

Need to Come by the Office?

If you need to get your VISA at our office, please know that  hours of operation are from 11:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays only and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Call to make your appointment today at (404) 565-1154  or to ask questions.

Office Address (VISA Processing is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

225 Peachtree Street N.E., Suite 515
Peachtree Center – South Tower
Atlanta, GA  30303

Requirements for Visa

When applying for a VISA you must provide the following documents:

  • Valid Passport. with at least 6 months left before expiration
  • Two (2) passport size photographs. (FULL Face view on White background)
  • Flight itinerary
  • Application for visa must be completed in duplicate.
  • Self addressed prepaid USPS/FedEx  envelope with a tracking number for return of passport (see mail restrictions)
  • In accordance with International Health Regulations, all persons entering Liberia are also required to have a Valid Certificate of Immunization (YELLOW BOOK, as seen below).  Click here for more information.YB
  • Mail or drop-off passport and all other documents listed above.
  • Failure to include all items could lead to delays in processing of your visa.

Important Information about the Visa Process

  1. There is a waiting period of seven (7) working days for Visa processing. (Same Day Processing of documents is an additional $75.00 and must be submitted in the morning before 12:00 p.m., and please take note that pick-up will be between 2-3 p.m. of the same day), Next Day Processing or less than 5 days is an additional $50.00 per document.
  2. Applicants are advised to apply within two weeks of their travel date.
  3. Airlines by regulation, will not allow you to board without a valid visa.
  4. If you are a Liberian, living in the United States and have become a US citizen, you are required    to obtain a valid visa to travel to Liberia
  5. In accordance with International Health Regulations, all persons entering Liberia are also required to have a Valid Certificate of Immunization (YELLOW BOOK)

Download the Liberian Visa application.


Document/Service Validity Fee ($US)
Visa for  US Citizen 1-3 months 131.00
Visa for US Citizen 1 year Multiple 200.00
Visa for US Citizen 2 Years Multiple 300.00
Visa for US Citizen 3 Years Multiple 400.00
Visa for  ECOWAS Citizen Unlimited Gratis
Visa for Other countries 1- 3 months 70.00
Visa for Other countries 1 Year Multiple 150.00
Visa for Other countries 2 Years Multiple 250.00
Same-Day Rush service n/a 75.00
Next Day Rush Service n/a 50.00

Additional requirements for minors (17 years and below)

a. Copy of Birth Certificate
b. Copy of Vaccination records
c. Notarized letter from both parents requesting for the issuance of visa. (Both parents must sign) If only one parent/guardian is traveling with minor, explain in the letter. If parents are not traveling with minor, state in letter who will be responsible for the minor.

Traveling to Liberia?

Providing travel visas out of the Atlanta Consulate Office will provide easy access to those in the Southeastern United States who wish to travel to Liberia. Liberia is open for business and the Honorary Consul General is pleased to work with local business partners to identify opportunities for investment and trade. Liberia is rich in rubber, diamond, gold, oil palm, coffee, cocoa and other natural resources.  Special tax incentives will be provided for those who qualify through the Liberian Ministry of Finance.  Liberia has close historical ties to Georgia and we expect an upsurge in travel and tourism to the country in the near-term.