Consular and Trade Offices in the State of Georgia

Governments from throughout the world have consular offices and trade representation in greater Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah. Consular offices are established by foreign governments 1) to officially develop economic, commercial, scientific and cultural relations between the country they represent and the area in which they serve, and 2) to safeguard the interests of the sending country and its citizens traveling or residing in their consular district. Traditionally these duties include issuing and renewing passports and other official documents, helping travelers in distress, signing death certificates, legalizing or delivering official documents, and assisting travelers in trouble with local law enforcement or immigration authorities. Large consular offices often support cultural affairs and/or trade and investment, as well.

Sixty-eight countries are represented in Georgia, with twenty-five career consulates, forty-five honorary consular offices and more than one dozen dedicated trade and investment agencies. Career officials are members of their country’s foreign (diplomatic) or commercial service, while honorary officials are local residents appointed by foreign governments to perform consular duties. The Dean of the Consular Corps, currently Ms. Claudia Valenzuela, Consul General of El Salvador, is traditionally the career official with the longest tenure.

More than a dozen foreign governments have independent operations in Atlanta with a mission to promote trade and/or investment between their countries or regions and Georgia and the Southeast U.S. In total, there are eighty-four different consular and trade offices in Atlanta.

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State of Georgia Consular and Trade Offices – As of October-2017