April 20, 2010 – In collaboration with the Deputy Commissioner for Agriculture for the State of Georgia, Mr. Terry Coleman, the Honorary Consul General along with Dr. Layli Phillips Mayaryan, an Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at Georgia State University and Malcolm Ashley, a Yale University educated economist, co-hosted “Georgia First” for Liberia, an agri-business briefing at the Georgia State Department of Agriculture. More than 100 people were in attendance to learn more about the agricultural needs of Liberia and how Georgia businesses, farmers and other investors can provide products and services that are mutually beneficial.  Liberia currently imports more than 80% of their food stock, including rice, chicken and eggs.  Georgia First is a market based strategy that has been created to help position the State of Georgia as the leading force in Liberian agricultural development and agri-business. Georgia First for Liberia has established itself as a newly formed non-profit in the State of Georgia and will be open for business in the spring 2011.

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