The Embassy wishes to advise the public that valid visas, passports and travel documents for Liberia, issued in the United States of America, are processed only by the Liberian Embassy in Washington D.C., or the Liberian Consulate in New York.

Documents processed elsewhere may not be valid. To verify that your documents have been received or have been processed, please call the Embassy at (202) 723-0437 or the Consulate at (212) 687-1025.

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  1. Harvel Brown says:

    My name is Harvel Brown, I have worked with Liberia and Nigeria since 1985. One of the things you could/should do as Consulate, is to travel to Liberia and meet with the 12 different groups, that make up the population in Liberia ( Listed by Kala ). Ask them to tell you how they see their problem and what would they want you to work on for them.
    Sometimes we think too big and therefore must wait for money when we could start small. A small wind mill, a water filter, gernrated by solar,small sewing machines, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade books.
    The list goes on. The purpose is to bring each group together and make them part of the equation. i would be glad to help you in any way I can.
    You have a very important position. Make sure you touch base with leader that has been chosen by the people. Love you lady

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